The Lived Body. 2016.

“My body is the fabric into which all objects are woven,”writes Maurice Merlau-Ponty in The Lived Body. This statement accurately encapsulates Yeonwoo Kim’s approach to her designs, which quite literally absorbs its spatial surrounding to merge and dissolve the distinctions between bodies and objects. Her graduate collection springs from an attempt to master her own momentary attacks of anxiety and panic: here, the spatio-physical sensation of insisting on ‘personal space’is a key strategy to overcome one’s overwhelment with the interior and exterior of the self. Working in stretched fabric, her avant-garde creations ingest coffee cups, water bottles, and other everyday objects into the interior of the garment, producing an almost skin-like veneer of an ‘inside space’. Simultaneously, however, Yeonwoo Kim shows and advanced understanding and appreciation for the human silhouette and how to incorporate it into a highly conceptual and essentially sculptural project.
Jeppe Ugelvig